Brenna Fullerton’s Fall Seniors

Perspectives change over time, as we experience and learn from each other.  Who would have known that two days after spending time with this beautiful young lady, I would be leaving to spend time with my ailing father.  During our time shooting, Brenna shared with me an experience in which she had to face a similar situation and many of her words gave me encouragement as I looked inward and saw Brenna’s grace and strength in her advice.

Davina, your daughter is a gift, and while I’m sure you know this already…she is a reflection of you and your diligence to her character.  This world desperately needs young women like Brenna to fill these lagging gaps of intolerance and hate.  Thank you for allowing me to spend this time with you both.  I surely look forward to how much growth will happen between now and our time in the Spring!










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