Let me tell you a little about Alec White…

So there is this story, about how Alec at one point in time was a shy boy.  A boy who didn’t speak to other people – mortified to answer a question in class.

If you are so blessed to know him now, this story seems to be just that…a tall tale.

I first met Alec last year as he donned the helm of Shakespeare in the One Act adapted Elizabeth Rex.  Now, if you are new to my blog, let’s just say I’m passionate about my old dead white dudes.  Shakes, Poe, Keats…so measuring up to the grade so to speak isn’t the easiest task.  A high-school 11th grader to portray a wrecked and forgone Shakes; I had to see it to believe it.

Again our paths crossed as we traveled across the pond on a theatre trip to London.  Here I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying not only Alec’s company but his whole family – minus Hailey (sorry kiddo 😦  maybe next time!).  I quickly understood where this young man found his confidence, affability and demeanor.  Michelle and Gary are some pretty cool peeps.

This year marks Alec’s final year at Deer Park and it has been quite a year.  From shining in this year’s One Act presentation of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, to partaking in the school’s improv team, he still has time to mentor Deer Park elementary kiddos with his involvement in PALS.

Sam Houston is getting a great kiddo.  Alec, I know you will break many-a-leg.


It’s not hard to imagine him on the set of a film..right?!


**This is neither an endorsement for not against said party depicted, this is totally an actor in his craft!!** (I asked him to “feel the Bern”)



Exit…stage left.


3 thoughts on “Let me tell you a little about Alec White…

  1. Donna Collom says:

    Oh my goodness…..wonderful pictures of a fine young man. So proud of all he has accomplished and will accomplish. Good job Alec!


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