Mila is THREE!!!

Every winter I have the luxury of spending time with this amazingly fantabulous little lady.  This year, Mila is quickly encroaching on that amazing point of toddlerhood – three years of age.
The age of discovery, exploration…independence!

So excited to share these moments with you.  Happy Birthday Mila, may we celebrate many  more with you and your beautiful family!!M13















One thought on “Mila is THREE!!!

  1. Christina Cavaliere says:

    There are not enough positive words in my vocabulary to accurately leave feedback for Patricia’s art but I am going to do my very best and try. Over the last couple years I have really seen Patricia come out of her shell professionally. She has jumped into the photography professional with both her feet, and it’s obvious through her work that she is going to be very successful. She has been gifted an ability that captures not only the occasion, but the spirit of those being photographed. This unique gift of hers makes the photos that she takes very raw and personal. Since she has been with me from day one of the start of my little family (first date and all!), I am blessed that she will be by my side to capture all our important moments. I expect many great things to come from Patricia over the years. I just always cross my fingers that her schedule will find that time to capture the small and big moments. If you and your family choose to use her like we have, she will not disappoint. She will take you on her artistic journey and you won’t question using her to document your life’s moments too. ❤


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